Need a sugar rush?

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De Mello Palheta is a micro roaster and a cafe born and raised in Toronto. 


Coffee is our passion and our obsession. Since we founded De Mello Palheta, we strived to source, import, roast and serve coffees with the highest quality. Our team roasts each batch of green beans with precision and care, in order to bring out it's full potential.  We cup each batch of roasted beans, tasting to insure we are producing the highest quality coffee for you, our guest.



At de Mello Palheta we're proud of our team, our accomplishments and the passion we bring to our craft, which results in magical things.


We're obsessed with continuing Francisco de Mello Palheta's journey. Join us for coffee conversations and connections, pictures, video and blogs about life at de Mello and the magic we create for you everyday.



Cool down the heat with cold brew. Available in store.