Sumatra Umang coffee is produced by a women-led cooperative ‘Kopi Ketiara’ that has over 890 farmers. The current chairwoman, who had operated and managed her family’s coffee business for 20 years.

Umang is processed in an unique method called ‘Giling Basah’ as known as ‘wet-hulled process’ In contrast to the classic Sumatra coffee dominated by the taste notes ; earthy, woody and bell pepper. Unlike stereotypes of Sumatra coffee, Umang gives tastes of the smoked oak-barrelled Canadian whisky, Ceylon black tea like and caramel like sweetness from a roasted banana.

Process: Gilling Basah

Varietal: Rasuna

Altitude: 1700M

Cupping Notes: Rye Whiskey  / Black Tea / Roasted Banana