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60% Ethiopia Getinet Ambelo | washed
20% Ethiopia Wush Wush | washed
20% Colombia Quebrada Rica | washed
Cupping Notes: Cherry Blossom | Blood Orange | Lemon

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What is it?

After our first long winter in business, as we waited for the flowers to bloom, we worked on a new blend.  The idea was to create a coffee that maintained the complex fruit flavours we love in Butterfly Kiss but with a gentler, rounder finish. We paired washed Ethiopian coffees with the nutty chocolate notes inherent in Central American coffees and, as the flowers finally began to bloom, the name came to us: Sakura, or cherry blossom in Japanese. 

We’re perhaps the most proud ever of Sakura this year — deep in complexity and sweetness, this coffee is bright and fruity and floral, but eminently drinkable! Enjoy it as the spring slowly opens around us.