Love Letter, Valentine's Day Blend

Love Letter, Valentine's Day Blend

from 15.00

60% Ethiopia Bombe

40% Colombia Jhon Edison

Tasting Notes: Peach | Juicy | Sweet Lime

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About Love Letter Blend—

February is here, which as we all know is the month of LOVE! And to celebrate this, we've launched our annual Love Letter blend with a little extra flair this year!

We've blended two of our brightest and juiciest coffees in the warehouse right now to come up with a heart-warming, blood-pumping flavour bomb! The bright and sparkling Ethiopia Bombe matches perfectly with the silky smooth backing of Jhon Edison Molano's washed Colombia varietal to create a cup that'll put hearts in your eyes! 

This blend will only be available from the 1st to the 15th of February, so for all you lovers out there, get in there while the getting's good!