La Campanella Christmas Blend

La Campanella Christmas Blend

from 15.00

Our Christmas blend is back! La Campanella means “Little Bells”

70 % Costa Rica Carlos Montero
30% Honduras San Jacinto
Tasting Notes: Orange | Reisling | Mellow

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Happy Holidays to You & Yours!

This year's edition is extra special because it features two of our very dear Central American producer partners, Carlos Montero and Doña Isaura Martinez. By blending Carlos' mega sweet double washed Catuai with Doña Isaura's natural processed Typica/Bourbon blend, we ended up with a fruity and funky cup that's high in citrus aromatics with a big body and a Reisling-like finish. Perfect for chugging all throughout the holiday season, and great for everyone in the family, even Uncle Rick who lives with a Timmy's cup in hand!