Colombia Santa Fe Buesaco

Colombia Santa Fe Buesaco

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Process: Washed Process
Cultivar: Caturra
Altitude: 2100 Masl
Tasting Notes: Apple | Plum | Caramel

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Pricing Information

We paid 1.500.000 per pesos per carga (125 kilos of parchment coffee, this is the unit farmers sell their coffee in) for these lots. 100,000 pesos per carga go to FUDAM. 1.400.000 was transferred directly to the four producers. For context, here is a link to the daily market price, determined by the fluctuations of the C value. Our pricing to producers is not determined nor influenced by this volatile and arbitrary market rate.

Santa Fe De Buesaco

Santa Fe is a geographically isolated zone, blessed with incredibly high altitudes and a lot of Caturra, the Federation’s influence is also geographically limited! Traditional practices are the norm, meaning ground cover, shade trees and household food crops characterize every coffee plantation. The transport costs of bringing in chemical fertilizers are prohibitive, so producers use a vast amount of organic compost instead. 

Nariño is a special place to love coffee – geographically, climactically and culturally very distinct from neighboring states and the cup profiles are no less unique. Rich volcanic soils and an Andean climate (meaning a truly distinct harvest season where the rest of the Southern states are picking coffee all year round) make this a captivating, vast and in many areas, uncharted territory. Producers are small, biodiversity is traditional, soils are nutrient rich and well-drained, and 2017 was a one-in-ten-year harvest.

Processing is traditional in this township: picking perfectly ripe cherries, de-pulping often by hand followed by 18 to 20 hour aerobic fermentation in concrete tanks. Drying is also traditional – sun dried on patios. High elevations and cooler climates mean patio drying is sufficiently slow and gentle – a full 15 days for all of these four growers. Nevertheless we’re sure that with more and more interest in this zone, producers will be investing in raised beds in the near future. 


We count ourselves as one of the lucky few parchment buyers working with FUDAM – an NGO founded by members of the Lasso family who have been long-time partners of Shared Source in Huila. We contribute a 100,000 peso premium for every bag of parchment to the organization. FUDAM and the Lasso family have almost single-handedly improved the coffee quality and hence household incomes of hundreds of smallholders across La Union and Buesaco. They have been instrumental in improving picking, fermentation, drying and storage. Equally, if not more importantly, FUDAM’s focus is on triple-bottom-line sustainable development: improving the livelihoods of smallholders through many agricultural programs, not just coffee. One of their founding principles is community-wide development through gender equality within households and many projects specifically target economic independence and hence empowerment of women. 

Shared Source is an exporter and importer out of Colombia and into the USA. We pay in full directly to producers, upon delivery of parchment, in local currency. We pay prices that we know are socially impactful and we are not bankrolled nor financed by big companies (meaning we pay up-front with no get out of jail free card)