Colombia El Diviso

Colombia El Diviso

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Region: Tolima
Farm: El Diviso
Producer: Jhon Edison Molano
Altitude: 1900-2100 masl
Variety: Colombia
Process: Washed
Tasting Notes: Manuka Honey | Peach Nectar | Lemon Lime

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About El Diviso—

Jhon Edison's father is Ivan Molano, a sort of folk hero amongst coffee producers in Tolima. Ten years ago, upset with the prices he was faced with in selling to co-operatives, he formed a group of producers to demand a higher price. In so doing, he managed to organize a meeting between this group of producers and the company formerly known as Virmax to create a stabilized price contract that would guarantee all producers a price above market, year in year out. Now he's one of the most sought after producers by specialty buyers, churning out a consistently high level of quality with the help of his sons. 

Jhon Edison, as his oldest son, took on a plot of land on the edge of 2000masl mountain where he's planted Colombia, Caturra, and Castillo and is diligently committed to producing only the highest quality. Not only has he made every effort to upgrade the farm —using floatation tanks before de-pulping, building raised, shaded drying beds, and putting incredible care into cherry selection — he also rips all over Colombia on the back of his motorcycle, visiting as many producers as he can all in the hope of learning and connecting more with this industry. This coffee blew us away on the table — so sweet and floral, its got a shining citric acidity and stone fruit flavour that is more reminiscent of Ethiopia than Colombia. Jhon is thrilled to see his coffee in Canada, and we hope you'll buy it all up quickly so we can tell him how much you loved it all.