Brazil Sitio Lavrinha

Brazil Sitio Lavrinha

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Farm: Sitio Lavrinha
Producer: Dimas Maciel
Region: Serras de Minas
Variety: Yellow Catuai
Altitude: 1400masl
Process: Natural
Tasting notes: Milk Chocolate | Cranberries | Nougat

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About Sitio Lavrinha—

We've been waiting a long time for this coffee! Over the course of 2019, we'll be unveiling a series of Brazil micro-lots from our producer partners down there. These come from some of the smaller scale farmers you can find in Brazil, grown all on hills at quite high altitudes for Brazil. Basically, due to the small volume these growers produce (compared to Brazil as a whole) and the difficulty in harvesting due to the hilly terrain, most large scale buyers simply overlook these growers. However, there's tons of potential to be found in these hills, as these growers are coming to realize that they can demand a premium for their coffees based on the quality they produce. It's a super exciting new frontier in Brazil coffee, and generates a much better quality of life for these growers. 

We've already selected three farmers that we'll be working with over the year, and Dimas is the first of them. A young man in his thirties, he's fully committed to producing only quality. His 300 or so bags production would make him a huge producer in Colombia, but in Brazil he's a little guy. Nonetheless, he works hard, manual harvesting and processing all of these coffees himself with the help of his family. We're proud to be amongst his first partners and to invest his quality initiatives. Take a try — you'll find a super rich and nutty cup, with pleasant finish of red fruits.