Continent: Central America Country: Nicaragua
Region: Yasica Norte, Matagalpa Varietal: Bourbon

Farm: Limoncillo
Process: Funky
Altitude: 850-1150 Meters
Harvest: 2017

Cupping Notes: Raspberry / Lime / Mayan   Chocolate

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We've purchased several times from Mierisch Farms, the iconic and perhaps revolutionary Nicaraguan estate farm run by Doc Mierisch and his family. This particular coffee we were drawn to trying due to its innovative processing. We're always looking for new processing forms to see what they can do to change the flavour of a coffee. We spoke with Erwin, Doc's son, who runs the day to day operations about how exactly this process work, and he gave us a few notes. 

“The coffee cherry is brought down from the farm (intact), where we have selected the ripest cherries, to the dry mill. Once at the dry mill we keep the cherries in the sack, and we sprinkle it with some water. We then allow a certain amount of controlled fermentation of the cherry. We are always keen to be monitoring the cherries during this time.

This could take around 24 to 36 hours, and the cherries are monitored constantly. Once you can see, and smell, that the cherries have reached the point of the most intense fruitiness. We then lay the cherries out on the patio, and we allow it to sun dry until it has an optimal humidity of 12%.

All lots are then placed in a well ventilated, and fresh, warehouse so that the beans can rest for a period of around 30 days, before it is finally shipped off.”

Doc Mierisch, returned to Nicarauga after a career as a doctor in America with the intention of revitalizing the farm and pushing forward coffee quality. In the resulting years, Mierisch farms has grown to be known world-wide as one of the best producers of Nicaraguan coffee. Along with experimental processing, they’ve also grown an incredible range of varieties from Pacamara to Javanica to the more common varietals, like this one, Bourbon.