Process: Washed

Varietal: SL-28

Altitude: 1750m

Cupping Notes: Black Currant / Fresh Cherry / Toffee

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Windrush is a medium-sized Estate (400 acres of coffee) on the very high and steep slopes of Kiambu County. The estate is famed for its exceptional tea and coffee growing – in fact it is the only estate remaining in Kenya that exclusively farms the most traditional of Kenyan varietals: SL28.

Altitudes reach well over 2200 masl where the tea grows, and coffee production averages an altitude of 1750masl. The Windrush/Yara Estates are among the oldest remaining estates in Kenya. In 1971 ownership was transferred from the original White Kenyan owners to Indigenous peoples, in line with land reforms across the country from the 1950s. The estates are now managed by locals trading as the Gatatha Farmers Co. Ltd.

Windrush itself is quite distinct in the Kenyan landscape – colder and wetter with lush riverine valleys, plenty of dams and ancient fig trees – and as such possesses a healthier, more drought resistant ecosystem. Great farm management practices include digging soil pits to retain rain water and prevent erosion and planting blue grass as ground cover for the same reason.

Processing is the traditional Double Fermentation in which cherries go through a disc depulper, and parchment coffee is fermented in traditional concrete tanks before washing and and then being returned for the second fermentation or soaking, overnight.

The clean coffee is the then moved to skin drying beds overnight, before raised- bed sun drying for a nice seven days.

We managed to secure this lot, and the AB, via the auction system – in our experience the most robust, transparent and fair way to ensure the farmer receives the highest price possible and that there is full traceability for the buyer and the producer.