Process: Washed

Varietal: Caturra

Altitude: 1800m

Cupping Notes: Chamomile / Honey / Roasted Almond

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Finca La Maravilla is located in one of the most beautiful places in Huehuetenango - Los Arrollos Village, La Libertad, Huehueteango. It was originally part of Finca El Injerto II.

Mr. Mauricio Rosales and his father Guillermo Rosales bought a piece of land that made up nearly 22 hectares in 1997 and started the coffee plantation from very little, planting only 1.21 hectares at that time with plants donated by their neighbours.

Lack of electricity and basic infrastructure such as roads, plus limited economic resources made the beginning of the coffee dream even more challenging for them. Guillermo, the father, led the agricultural care while Mauricio took the administrative role, sharing in the responsibilities until 2005 when Mr. Guillermo passed away at the age of 82. In 2008 Mauricio started construction on a more equipped infrastructure to keep the production and processing stable, while also keeping the capacity and quality under control.

Mauricio now works hand in hand with his son, Luis, who is studying agriculture and introducing more sustainable agronomical practices. They are also about to install solar panels to run the wet mill.


This microlot, Payacal, comes from La Cumbre – the very highest parcel of the farm, reaching over 1800 masl.

Mauricio pays his pickers very well, and the quality of the selection of only the ripest cherries is very high. Due to the high altitude, fermentation times can range from 20-60 hours depending on the weather, which is similar to what Kenyan coffee farmers face as well. The cold night time breezes can kill the yeast strains that are vital to the processing of the coffee, and as such, Mauricio has insulated his fermentation tanks to keep the water temperature up overnight. 

For this lot ferment times were 24-36 hours. Drying weather was perfect in March 2017, around 10 days on the patio.