Region: Gedeb District, Chelchele Town

Farm: Nefas Farm

Varietal: Mixed Heirloom

Altitude: 1850-2200masl

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Another of our favourites from Ethiopia, we’ve returned to this coffee for a second year running. The Worka washing station is operated by Faysel Yonis, who began the operation in 2009, and operates other washing stations in the region. His goal has always been to produce coffee of the highest quality, and in our opinion, he’s succeeding. In this instance, we’ve purchased this coffee through a third party importer, but one we feel has contributed greatly to the success of the washing station through technical and financial support. The washing station benefits from training programs for project and operation managers and pay premiums in advance in order to make sure the farms are paid before the cherries are harvested.

This type of trust is rarely found, but helps immensely as, in Ethiopia, it’s often difficult for farmers to transport their coffees long distances in a timely fashion, especially if they don’t know they’ll be paid accordingly. In addition to this, Faysel runs social and environmental development programs with the farmers and as well as training them in picking and harvesting to ensure they always bringing the brightest, ripest cherries to the washing station. Even with all this training, his discerning standard leads to only about 1300 bags of specialtygrade coffee being produced each harvest.

Once the coffee arrives to the station, it is put through a depulpler that is fed by water from the Gedeb and Gotiti rivers. For the washed coffees, such as this one, the beans are left to soak for 48 hours in tanks before being placed on raised beds for 7-10 days. Unlike many Ethiopian washing stations, Faysel reuses the water used in the washed process rather than letting it sit in lagoons which can develop into environmental blights.