Producer: Sor Geba Farmers Cooperative Union (FCU), various traditional farmers.

Representative: Mulugeta
Location: Oromia, Illubabor, Ethiopia

Altitude: 1800-2200 masl

Size: One hectare

Soil: Volcanic

Variety: Mixed heirloom Process: Washed

Crop year: 2016/2017, November - January.


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This is a very exciting coffee for us to share, as it was purchased without reliance on the ever dominant Oromia union. Typically, for small roasters to purchase coffee from Ethiopia, we’re constrained to buying from large scale importers who purchase whole containers through the Oromia Union. As such, it can be very difficult for us to trace back exactly which Farmer’s Coopertive Union (FCU) produced the coffee, being left to operate with only the washing station name.

Thanks to the incredible work of Shared Source, they were able to work directly with the Sor Geba FCU which represents another 147 co-ops, and narrow down their purchase to two lots from the Dika Gabe washing station. This means that we have the ability to next year not only return to the washing station but to the specific lots from each co- op to potentially purchase from the exact same lot once again. This is almost a complete impossibility for small scale roasters, and represents a new frontier in Ethiopian coffee production that we at De Mello are super excited to share in.

Coffee proccessed at Dika Gabe are grown in accordance with traditional, and now legally mandated, organic cultivation methods in which other crops like false banana are interplanted with coffee trees in order to maintain healthy soil. Additionally, the Dika Gabe Co-op is a Technoserve supported Co-op, an initiative that aims to increase the profitability and sustainability of Ethiopia agricultural commodities like coffee.

This means they benefit from training and information sessions on improving coffee quality through processing and also receive an eco-pulper for demuciligation of coffees that uses significantly less water, a serious bonus in a country facing consistent drought conditions.

On top of all of this, the coffee is incredible in quality, one of our favourite ever washed Ethiopians. Its incredibly sweet and smooth, with a thick peach jam mouth feel and red fruit notes that linger beautifully well after the cup is finished!