Coffee is a fruit, coffee beans are it’s seeds.
Like all fruit, our coffee offerings are seasonal and they will constantly change throughout the year

Please be advised that to keep in tune with our weekly roasting schedule, all coffee orders will be shipped either Wednesday or Friday afternoon.


house blends



Are you scared of running low on your coffee beans? Are you overwhelmed by the choice of coffee whenever you buy a new bag? Are you too busy to visit our cafe to buy beans? Let us fix that up for you!

CoffeeHolic is not just about a great cup of coffee; the aim for CoffeeHolic is to give you information about what you are drinking, and why it tastes the way it does. We have implemented a simple education system in your CoffeeHolic Box, which will give you a clear understanding where the coffee is from, a history about the farm, the producers, varietals and the processing method.