Miguel Rodriguez of Mataquescuintla, Jalapa, Guatemala.

There are so many layers behind a beautiful cup. 
The price of coffee is such an important issue, but there are other challenges coffee producers face that can run much deeper than money. 
For this reason, we’re proud to feature coffee from Miguel Rodriguez of Mataquescuintla, Jalapa, Guatemala.

Miguel’s a second-generation coffee producer who hasn’t had much chance to sell his coffee away from the commodity market. We’re happy to be one of his specialty buyers. 
On top of that, he and his fellow producers and community members struggle daily against the world’s third largest silver mine, Escobal, looming in the background. We hope to bring attention to this struggle. 

Pour a cup of coffee and click through to (insert link to Miguel button) to read more about him and the community of Mataquescuintla. 

Thank you to bowsxarrowscoffee and drumroaster for their work on this project.